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Which of the following issues do you feel should be the top priority for legislators during the 2020 Session? (please choose one)

Please rank, with 1 being highest, what you feel are priority areas for state spending?
  • Roads and Bridges (Infrastructure)
  • Education
  • Public Pension Liability
  • Public Health Programs (Excluding Medicaid) ____ Public Safety (Law Enforcement)
  • Medicaid
  • Other

Are you in favor of increasing the state sales tax rate (currently at 6 percent), in order to lower the income tax on individuals and businesses?

Several local governments and business groups have asked the legislature to give local voters the option to approve a temporary local sales tax designated for specific projects. Would you support having the option to vote on a local sales tax to fund specific local projects?

How would you describe the condition of roads and bridges in our area?

Would you support increasing the gasoline tax, which must be spent on building and maintaining roads and bridges and other infrastructure?

Should our first responders and public school teachers be trained in mental health first aid, a course about mental health and substance-use issues?

Would you support increasing the tax on electronic cigarettes and other vaping products to the same level as regular cigarettes?

Do you support the legalization of marijuana?

Do you support expanded gambling in Kentucky in order to increase revenue without raising taxes?

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